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Reverse Funnel Calculator

This was made to help you calculate ad spend.
Awareness (Ads Impression)
Acquisition (Website Click)
Activation (Contact)
Revenue (Buy)

So basically, you want to gain . You need to spend at least on FB ads. That is about % Cost of Sales, with ROAS .

You need to pull in people to see your ads. Then somehow make clicked your ads to go to your sales page. Once they are on the sales page, you get people to contact you. Your sales people talk to them and became your customer.

Get -- Impressions
Go to Website -- Visits
Made the Contact -- Leads
Nurture them to be -- Customers
The ROAS is or Impression Awareness
Visit Acquisition
Leads Activate
Customer Revenue


$ Targetted Revenue
$ Selling Price
$ FB Ads CPM (RM 35.4)

% Ads Impression ⟶ Website (CTR)
% Website ⟶ Contact (Convert Leads)
% Contact ⟶ Buy (Close Rate)
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