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Terms and Conditions

SiteUX terms and conditions are effective immediately.

  1. SiteUX is operated by Laman7. In these terms and conditions, SiteUX and Laman7 shall be used interchangeably.
  2. 'Organisation' is defined by the owner of the website that is being audited and rated by SiteUX.
  3. All auditing works, website and reports belong to Laman7. SiteUX reserves the right to accept or deny auditing requests without stating reasons.
  4. SiteUX may improve scoring parameters and points that may affect the scores from time to time. The change will only take effect on new sites. The old audited sites' scores will remain unchanged.

Your Data and Cookies

  1. Google Analytics - Used to track number of visitors and engagement on the website.
  2. Facebook Pixel - Used to track visitors with Facebook ID.
  3. Google Ads - Used to track activity on the website.

Your Privacy

  1. Once an audit is made, only the scores and partial comments will be available to view publicly. This is solely for showcase of audit made, and not to be used by any other party.
  2. Only your organisation can claim the result of the website audit.
  3. Laman7 shall respond to the audit request when the requst is made using corresponding email domain.
  4. SiteUX will not entertrain any request to claim report made by anyone outside of your organization including, and not limited to: organisation's competitors, researchers and students.
  5. You may request for a new audit after significant improvements have been made.

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