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Why Do Audit?

Short Answer: To get your digital investment's worth.

When visitors visit a website, they are not looking to be entertained (unless it's social media). They have a problem to solve and/or dreams to be fulfilled. It can be

  • finding a solution,
  • looking for a job,
  • finding ways to invest
  • getting healthier,
  • please the boss,
  • making a connection etc.

The problem is, most websites are designed by non-designers. This includes interfering and adding with self preference into the design. The whole point of making a website is not to serve the manager, the company, or branding. But to serve people.

Because we don't visit our website daily and we use the website as leverage to get more people in.

How You Audit?

Short Answer: Manually and as objective as possible.


There are 3 main categories that also make a website.

  1. Technical - The coding and infra aspect
  2. Design - The cognitive behavior and visual aspect
  3. Messaging - The psychological aspect

These are 3 different principles and lines of work.


We audit by subtraction. Every website starts with a full score of 100%. We deduct the points for every fault found on the website. 

Who Audits?

The web designers, marketers, and programmers at

Is it Biased?

Nope. We judge based on our experience and for what it is.
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