76 Checklists to Improve Website Conversion.

Every website has to Convert no matter what type of website you own whether a blog, government, corporate or eCommerce website.

This short ebook covers 76 points that can drastically improve your website conversion. It's technically written, so you can Google the terms as you go through the Checklist.

All the points listed here was a careful selection from 19 years of experience building websites at Laman7.


Inside Website Conversion Checklist

  • Technical - Loads quickly, is secured, works on any device and is compatible with Google.
  • Design - Looks consistent, easy to navigate and familiar with the interface.
  • Message - Telling the right message to capture and hook.


  1. Print the last 2 pages.
  2. Open your website.
  3. Mark as you fulfil the criterias.

Extra Step:

  1. Those left unchecked, fix it.
  2. Hire professionals to fix for you.
  3. Plan your next move and improvements.


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